Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Home from the hospital

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Well Im home from the hospital - I have to say the whole process wasnt nearly as bad as I had anticipated - especially while tucked up in a comfy hospital where all they do all day is feed you - breakfast ( huge- we are talking fruit, toast, eggs croissant, coffee, etc) morning tea which consists of coffee or tea and a scone or muffin - lunch - cooked 3 course meal- afternoon tea- complete with cake - dinner - HUGE - 3 courses including wine , and then supper!!!- no time to be bored there!!!- all in a lovely private room with ensuite bathroom and a nurse who only has you and one other patient to tend to .- Oh the joy of private medical insurance. Posted by Picasa
My computer has also had a facelift while I was away - couldnt get everything done i wanted but I did get a better graphics card - doubled my ram and in the end a dvd writer ( the extra hard drive woudl have meant the need for a new box apparently. It seems to be working just fine and I hope it speeds up photoshop quite a bit.
Im not supposed to be sitting up here for long - Its not particularly uncomfortable but the nurses tell me I will feel it later on if I sit here for more than about 10 minutes at a time - also the fact that i have to negotiate the stairs to get here is a bit of an issue - basically its bed rest more or less - with a gentle walk around on the flat to keep things working internally. ( and that was the bit that Ive got to say is REALLY painful!!) No housework for 6 weeks - now that sounds great but is a little daunting in reality - no lifting anythign that cant be lifted with one hand for 6 weeks - bend only slightly - dont pick up small children ( hard with a 5 year old) - but I imagine i will get used to it soon and by the end of the 6 weeks I wont be wanting to take over the household duties again.!!!


  1. Welcome to the other side, Lauren! I'm glad to hear that all went well (I knew it would) and that you are resting comfortably. Don't overdo it. You only have one chance to heal right.

  2. Welcome home Lauren - don't overdo it!


  4. I forgot to add..