Thursday, February 02, 2006

What Im reading now

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You probably dont know but my other big passion is reading. Its been one Ive had as long as I can remember - being one of those kids who would take a torch and read under the covers when my parents thought I was asleep!!! I know I love to get book recommendations so I thought when I find a good book I would post it here.
For those who dont know me so well - my 2 favourite authors are Lee Child and Harlen Coben. Both write thriller/mystery type books - both can be a little violent but are very entertaining- I have a wide range of fiction interests though - not limiting myself to any one genre- I also love Maeve Binchy and Marian Keyes - There is something about the Irish family fiction style that draws me in - perhaps my Irish ancestry.
But right now Im reading Jodi Picoult. My neighbour loaned me Her Sisters Keeper before Christmas . I read the blub on the back and thought - no this isnt a book for me - the subject is too deep and depressing - however she encouraged me to give it a go and I was hooked - Picoult has a way of drawing you into her characters so that you feel you know them so well- and despite the depressing topic the book was anything but depressing - entertaining and at times even amusing - while covering a very complex and controversial subject matter . ( Of a girl who was conceived in order to save her sisters life - The sister had leukemia - and then at the age of 12 was taking a court order out to prevent her parents making her donate a kidney to her sister.)
I do have to say the ending was a bit of a shock - thats all I will say in case you want to read it .
So--- after reading one of Jodi Picoults books I am now reading another - this one perhaps even a more depressing topic - Its called The Pact. About a pair of teens who apparently have a suicide pact - one dies and the other is charged wtih her murder. Again - an extremely depressing and controversial topic but once again having read half the book Im so invested in the characters its hard to put it down !!


  1. Hi Lauren- how are you feeling???? I hope you are ok.... (hugs)

  2. HI Lauren- how are you feeling??? I am thinking about you. (hugs)...