Saturday, April 29, 2006

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Well here it is - and a layout done about it already. Here are my thoughts about scrapbooking via laptop.- 1- I find it great for putting together layouts - I have networked the laptop with my desktop so I can easily access all of my files. 2. Its good for all the website work - I can be far more sociable with the family - doing my commenting in the gallery and sending emails and whathaveyou without scooting off upstairs. 3. I hate the keyboard but I guess thats something I will get used to. 4. I absolutely dont find it good for designing - the monitor just doesnt have the options I would like - there is no way I can find to adjust the contrast or the gamma apart from using the Adobe Gamma programme which works to a degree but not as well as I would like - and the light seems to be variable depending on what angle you have the screen at. I think that I will probably keep on designing on my desktop but use this for what I bought it for - teaching, going away,and for the ability to be more sociable with the long hours that I tend to be working.It has also taught me that I will probably not buy a Dell when I go to replace my desktop - as its vitally important that I view the monitor before I buy it and make sure its to my requirements. Posted by Picasa

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  1. It looks pretty nifty Lauren, but I know what you mean about the screen and the keyboard - they just are not the same.

    But at least you will be able to move around and be with the family instead of locked away!