Monday, January 29, 2007

Day 9- Sore Feet

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What is it with standing - your feet seem to get even more sore than when you are walking all day???- right now I seriously doubt I can put one foot in front of the other to make it to bed !!!- Im hoping they will feel much better in the morning all ready for another day of foot torture!!!
Seriously though - the CHA is pretty amazing. I did get to go for a short walk a couple of times during the day and saw just a tiny portion - I hope to see a bit more over the next couple of days.
Despite the feet issues its a real experience being here - and Im having a blast . I just cant get over how much everyone in the team has been almost exactly as I imagined and we seem to get on ok even though we have never met before.
Thats been the best part of this trip - Ive been so excited to come but sitting in the back of my mind has always been - what if we didnt like each other, what if they got sick of me after a day !!! Well too bad if they are sick of me- Im not going anywhere - till Wednesday night anyway!!!


  1. Put your feet up tonight. Sore feet or not, I am very jealous :)

  2. I agree I'm very jealous as well and so wish I was there to meet YOU!!!

    I hope your feet feel better!

  3. I agree-sore feet or not I'm jealous too! I so wish I was there so I could meet YOU!!
    Hope your feet feel refreshed in the morning!