Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 9 and 10

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Well I was too exhausted last night to post- working the booth is hard tiring work - but we did have a good day yesterday - in the evening we went to the launch of a new magazine for scrapbook retailers - and then went out to dinner at the Marriot- much laughter and fun!!

Today we had a good day - made sales and nearly got conned into buying a digital video camera that Ive since read terrible things about on the net - so pleased I didnt impulse buy!!!
ITs our last night here - very sad to be leaving but excited that I get to come back again in just 5 weeks!!!
I am looking forward to my own bed mind you but Im really sad to be leaving - meeting these girls has been just an incredible experience and we all seem to get on along so well - ( they are probably secretly ready to get rid of me - mind you then they will have to do their own ironing!!!

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