Thursday, February 08, 2007

I can do it

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So Ive proven that I can write regulary when Im disciplined enough - seems Im not a particularly disciplined person most of the time though!!!- Im back in NZ - Ive been back a few days now - my feet still hurt at night so Im on the hunt for some especially comfortable shoes for Las Vegas -
Im enjoying the summer which seems to finally have arrived here - it was even what you could call hot here yesterday afternoon - I love it!!!-
It seems surreal that last week I was in LA at the convention - it was such a fun experience - and meeting Margie and Amanda was great - Im so pleased I made the effort to go - I wish I had met them before - its so much easier to work with people when you actually can picture them in your head.
Ive actually been pretty busy since I returned and Ive made 2 new kits already - I need to get some good kits in the store so that I can afford to return again and again!!!- I do really love the new kits though - Essence of Dreams has some lovely feminine colours, and Essence of Love is really romantic.
Im working on Essence of Dusk now which is much darker and more dramatic - I want to get into a few funky style kits too but I do have a lot of admin work on my hands which needs to get done too

The kids are finally back at school today - so its my first normal day - ( yesterday I had a crown done at the dentist so we cant count that as a normal day - esp as it set me back $1150 - thats more than an airfare to the US!!!!).

Ive booked a night at the Grand Canyon for after the convention - wow - it still seems surreal that Im going to see that - even though Ive been to the US already - somehow it all seems a bit like it was a really good dream!!- How exciting that I can do it all over again - and in Las Vegas no less - !!- Woohoo!!


  1. Hey, I'm glad I found your blog. Some of your kits are on my wish list for use with my guy layouts. :)

  2. Hey Lauren,

    Tag you're it!!