Sunday, January 21, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane................

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Well today is the day... I still am finding it hard to believe actually, but it is happening- Im all packed ( well just about - the laptop obviously isnt packed yet!!) and ready to leave for the airport in a few hours. I havent really travelled alone ( unless you count a short hop down to Wellington to the Crafting Connection Convention in August) since I was 20 - thats not only a long time ago - its a whole other lifetime.
Funnily enough Im really not nervous - I thought i would be exceedingly so but maybe at 44 Ive finally grown up and found some confidence !! I supposed I had better not speak too soon- I might be a blithering mess by the time I get to the airport!!!
Im loaded up with various NZ chocolate products for the DSP girls - I dont think Ive ever had so much chocolate in the house at one time!! I also have lots of little gifts to spread around. That means that when they are all gone I will basically have one full suitcase to devote to shopping!!!
Its hard to know what Im looking forward to the most. I cant wait to attend the CHA - I love trade shows anyway and this one looks HUGE!!!- and FUN!!!. Im really looking forward to the bit of sightseeing that Im going to do , and to seeing Kerry again - this time on HER turf!! But probably most of all Im looking forward to meeting the DSP team - esp Kim Margie and Amanda who I really feel like I know already but havent yet met. Really so exciting and as Ive said before its a real dream come true - just proving that it does happen - they really do come true if you work hard enough!!

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  1. Have a wonderful trip. Go educate those girls with some kiwi culture and style. We expect to hear all about your adventures and see lots of photos of course.