Monday, January 22, 2007

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Here I am in San Diego - - I didnt sleep at all for the 12 hour flight but Im lasting well - Kerry met me at the airport and we drove down to Newport Beach so I could take a photo or 2 for OC obsessed Cameron - and then we ended up here at San Diego where we will be for 3 days .
Im stepping right into the fun with this margarita - the biggest Ive seen before!!!
We visited the mission at San Juan Capistrano on the way down - very pretty and historic and I took a lot of photos there -
Tomorrow i think we will visit the Midway - something Im never likely to see anything close to in NZ - and do some SHOPPING- woohoo


  1. Marcee4:58 pm

    Hey Lauren..Wish I could join you in that drink...Glad to see your having a good time!!!!

  2. bsneely8:34 am

    Wow! That is a HUGE Marguerita! Have fun!!

  3. Looks like your having a blast!!!