Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 2 - More SanDiego, Food and Shopping

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Id been warned many times that I would find food in the US very sweet and wouldnt like much.- so far this hasnt been the case really. Im staying at a Holiday Inn Express and they provide a nice little continental breakfast - Cereals - I had raisin bran - this is not too sweet at all and was very pleasant. I do have to say the cranberry juice was VERY sweet so I will be sticking with the orange which is just like at home. I ate a yoghurt - also sweeter than at home but not sickningly so .
For lunch I had a panini - yummy and very much like at home. and even the coffee was Lavazza and quite acceptable even to this coffee snob!!!!
Dinner was udon from a food court and exactly what I would expect!!!!

As for the sightseeing - I really like San Diego - its very similar geographically to Auckland- in that the city is built on the ocean - Its also about the same size - Sadly AUckland does NOT have the climate that San Diego does - I could only wish for days as nice as they have here in winter!!!!!

We visited many places and fit a lot in - The Cabrillo Monument, Point Lomas Lighthouse, the USS Midway , and more - and even fitted in a few hours of outlet shopping at Las Americas on the Mexican border - GREAT FUN!!!!!- the credit card got a nice little work out!!

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  1. Sounds like a very cool day Lauren - I am jealous!!