Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 3 - Zoo Balboa Park and more shopping

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Today was another big walking day - we started off at SanDiego zoo - which Id heard so much about - I have to say I was a little disappointed in it - its actually quite an old fashioned zoo - lots of cages and such, and while they have a big variety of animals, many of which are very endangered and some of which Id never heard of , but as a zoo I have to say Auckland zoo is superior in its design and its user friendliness.
I did get to see hummingbirds, pink flamingos and pandas though which was quite exciting.

Balboa Park is another thing altogether - what an asset this is to the city - what foresight to have this area set aside for the public.
It was built apparently for the California Pamana exposition in 1915 - and wow they didnt spare a penny in building the most amazing buildings - most are a combination of spanish and quite western european architechture - very ornately decorated buildings of great character .
What foresight the city leaders of San Diego had to put this area aside for the public to enjoy.
Auckland could learn a thing or 2 from San Diego.

In the afternoon we continued the trend of giving the credit card a bit of a work out.
I had GREAT fun in Macys - first with some clothes for Hannah including a gorgeous party dress/cardigan set for only$23- hard to believe - it took me ages to choose which one to buy - I could have bought them all - except that the excess baggage fees might make it not such a good buy!!. I also did some clothes shopping for myself - 3 tops for less than $9 each - thats so hard to believe and they are all really nice too -
Finally we went to Target to pick up some Leapster games for Hannah and candy for the kids - another hard choice!!!!-
Finally we came back to Old Town and went to Freds mexican restaurant - this one was even better than the one the other night - Huge meals - so cheap and Tuesdays are cheap Margarita night!!!


  1. Honeymoon3:22 pm

    Great to see you're having lots of fun.

    I can see a new kit when you come back called Margarita.

  2. What gorgeous photos!!! Looks like you are still having a great time!