Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 4 - From Old town to Old friends

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We were going to go whale watching this morning but we decided it would be to much of a rush - and you know Im really pleased that I didnt because we ended up wandering down the Old Town area of San diego which was just down the road from our hotel . We had eaten twice down there but just at the near edge of the area and not into the state park end .
What a great place it is - Im so pleased we didnt miss it seeing we were staying so close. There are several original buildings in the park and then others which have been restored, then others which have been reconstructed - some so well its hard to tell which are the originals and which are the recontstructions.
There are museums and little stores and these are run by people in historical dress - who know the history of the area . WELL worth the visit if you are in San Diego.
I can heartily recommend San Diego as a holiday destination - I would love to return - there is so much I didnt get to see.
We left San Deigo and drove to Los Angeles to meet up with Kim and Meryl who had been staying at Santa Monica . We stopped at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. ( GREAT coffee!!)
and I had to be dragged out of Barnes and Noble.
Then the excitement of meeting Kim and Meryl who are EXACTLY as I imagined them.
We ate dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen, and then Kim has come down to our room to chat for a while - Looking forward to tomorrow and our Hollywood sightseeing expedition

( Im only uploading one photo today because the internet connection here at the Crowne Plaza in Beverly Hills is pretty slow!!)


  1. It's so great to see you all together. I'm only a weensy bit jealous. Ok, fine, I'm MASSIVELY jealous, but I'm trying to convince myself otherwise. Failing miserably. Sad me....

  2. Wow, thanks Lauren - you all look beautiful and quite ready for an adventure, for sure. May the talent scouts offer super contracts. Have fun.

  3. What, no marguerita in todays post - I was thinking that was the theme of your trip! LOL!
    It sounds like you're having such a great time, I'm jealous but enjoying the travelogue just the same. Have to live vicariously you know!

  4. I was so hoping to meet you at Fashion Island as we talked about a few weeks ago... did you get the OC tee shirt for your son? Glad you got to spend some time there - it's a beautiful shopping area and you had the most perfect day for our outside mall.

    See you Sat.

  5. I don't know why my feed isn't updating - but love reading about your adventures. Great photo of you guys - say hi to Meryl and Kim for me. I am so jealous!

  6. Anonymous7:41 pm

    I'm so glad that you've having a wonderful time in "my state". I too can hardly wait to meet you and everyone else at the crop. I have never been to a crop, so please be gentle!-lol

    Lidia (MomLid)

  7. Honeymoon7:59 pm

    It must be so exciting catching up with Kim & Meryl and more to come.

    Have fun, enjoy CHA and the marguerita's (you do realise we all wish we were there with you).

  8. Sounds fantastic, what an awesome adventure and so exciting to get to meet some of the DSP team too. Keep on having fun.