Friday, January 12, 2007

A new and exciting year

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Well ok - Im a bit late in welcoming in the new year - Im not so great at this blogging lark - well Im not so good at being regular about it - and I suppose I should resolve to be much better in 2007.
Im not that great at keeping resolutions though either so perhaps I shouldnt !!!!
As you may know Im shortly on my way over to the US to work for DSP at the CHA convention in Anaheim. This is so exciting for me and is the realisation of a huge dream. Since I joined DSP thats been the story of my life really - making my dreams come true . What started off as a little hobby where I was earning a bit of pocket money has turned to a full time job with a good full time wage, and now I get the opportunity to actually meet the wonderful women I work with and for. I can hardly wait till next Sunday.
In anticipation of my trip and probably a couple of weeks not producing much in the way of kits ( and always trying to encourage my customers to have something new to spend their money on!!- I am trying to make a couple of new kits before I go -
I like the new trend that is not quite freestyle but quite arty and using lots of negative space and little bits of ephemera to embellish a layout so thats the direction my kits are heading lately - this one - Cafe Noir will work for heritage and modern photos and hopefully will satisfy those who are put off by the amount of girly stuff in the digital market ( Couldnt help but put in a few flowers though just because!!).
I also like the look of the scrunched up and stitched down ribbon that is popular in paper and digital layouts. Ive seen quite a few of these in digital kits ( mostly scanned) and I did one myself a few weeks back in my Pleasantly Pink Page kit - but I really wanted a much more scrunched up look and so today that was my task - no scanning for me as you know - it has to be digital all the way - so with much fidddling and cursing I eventually made a ribbon that Im satisfied with - and then went to creating a kit around it!!- This is not my normal method of kit creation I might add.I really do like the end result of this kit - I hope to get time to actually scrap with it too - I find that I have so little time to scrap for fun these days - its one of the downsides of being so busy - but I can live with that!!!Anything worth having has its costs after all.

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