Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

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I have to confess Im not one for playing with the Manual settings on my camera that much. I will occasionally switch from "P" mode but I usually find that I need a quick shot and Ive missed it by the time I have got the right settings.
Last nights Lunar Eclipse was a good opportunity to use Manual though - and I did - I took around 100 shots and got very few that were any good - Apart from the fact that I didnt have a tripod ( i guess that should be on my shopping list) and the fact that the weather was appalling - so cold windy rainy and just plain icky..... I did get a few good ones and so I created this layout for them .
I dont do that very often - get photos and have the opportunity to scrap them straight away - somehow the layouts seem to fall together more easily when you are still excited about the photos. I must make a plan to do that more often!!!
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  1. Great layout and lovely sequence of photos. Hubby was out with his tripod and camera too but I don't think he had a lot of success. I haven't looked at them yet.