Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 new alphabets

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The acrylic shapes in the Clearly Spooky page kit gave me the idea for the gold edge acrylic alphabet -
The postitive negative one I think I might make in white as well so all 4 versions of it can be mixed and matched

Positive Negative Alphabet - Black

by D- Lauren Bavin
This fun alphabet is made up of black plastic look letters, with accompanying stencil like outline versions, and comes in a mixed case alphabet and numerals with selected punctuation.

File Size:5.89MB

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Gold Edged Acrylic Alphabet

by D- Lauren Bavin
This almost clear acrylic alphabet is edged with gold for an elegant look.
This alphabet comes with Upper and Lower case letters , numerals and selected punctuation

File Size:21.20MB

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