Friday, August 15, 2008

Creativity - and where to get it

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For those experiencing a creativity slump ( Im not actually but I am experiencing an "Im so sick of the wet grey cold weather that I dont feel like doing much at all period!!) - check out this post by Corey Barker as Scott Kelbys guest blogger on his blog - In it he describes how he gets his inspiration.
I must say Ive been doing similar for some time and it really does work - if you open up your brain to whats all around you - ideas are everywhere - and you can get design inspiration from the most unusual places.
In the past Ive got inspiration from decorating magazines, from store window designs,carpet - you name it - design is all around us.
Funnily enough recently Ive discovered that a lot of the trendy design Im seeing in store front design, magazine ads etc are designs weve been using in scrapbooking for some time - especially the swirl and baroque and renaissance flourish.
So - if you see me at the mall - Im not skiving off shopping -!!Im working - getting inspiration for my next kit - YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!

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  1. Loved that tutorial - how about making us a kit with some of that real glowy lighting effect elements - something really edgy and radical with black and glow stuff - you could call it Retro Black Light.