Thursday, September 18, 2008

Panoramic Swirls Quick Click

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Panoramic Swirls Quick Click

by D- Lauren Bavin
a layout fast with this fun QuickClick! This template includes all the
layers to help you build an elegant panoramic photo layout with swirl
accents. This template is rotable and can be used in a portrait photo
orientation making it all the more versatile What is a QuickClick?!
The QuickClick Template system is a wonderful new product that gives
you the creative license to make unique layouts by filling in the
"blanks (shapes)." The design work is won't have to think
about placement of your photos or accent papers because we have
carefully designed these "interactive sketches" for you! Scrapbooking
just got a turbo boost with this intuitive product and now you can get
MORE pages done!
QuickClicks include multiple pieces (12x12 PNG files*) which act like
an interactive sketch - All you need to do is stack all the numbered
layers in order, add in your photos and decorative papers, and fill in
the shapes (easy instructions are included) for a layout that is truly
yours! This template system is very flexible and can be used many
times; just change the photos and papers and, voila!!, a whole new
layout in no time at all. For a different look you can choose not to
use the any of the "decorative pieces" like the themed shapes or inked
edges. A sample layout is included in the zip file to spark your
*PNG Files

Heres the layout I did as the sample for this quick click - the photo was one I took at Lake Tekapo which is in the southern South Island of New Zealand .
The sky was such a beautiful soft shade of pink and it reflected so beautifully on the snow on the mountains and on the lake.
Im used to nice sunsets where I live facing west looking out onto the harbour but our sunsets are usually much bolder and stronger coloured than this which was so peaceful.

I did use the blending technique that is in the previous post for this layout too

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  1. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Uh Oh! I got my lakes confused! This is the S.I. Didn't get there either Lauren. Havachat