Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Technique Tuesday - Blending 2 layers with Masks and Gradients

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This is my first of a series of tips and techniques for you to apply to your layouts.

You can download a pdf of this tutorial here

Id love to see any layouts you create using this technique so do please link to them here in the comments or email me and I will be happy to feature them in my blog

PostScript - Jeanet just posted this layout using this technique - great Layout Jeanet- and what a lovely photo


  1. Anonymous6:30 am

    Is this going to work with Photoshop elements? I usually use Digital Image Suite (Microsoft), but I did buy Photoshop Elements not too long ago.

    I must say, this is really exciting! Can't wait to see all this cool stuff that is coming on your blog!!

    Bonnie (bsneely--dsp member)

  2. No it wont work in either Elements or DIP sorry - neither support masks in the way that they are used here but there are work arounds for Elements - I will see if I can post a version for elements later on

  3. Oh thanks Lauren. This was on my list of things to learn after I saw your beautiful layout.

  4. Anonymous2:56 pm

    I am so happy you are doing these tutorials Lauren. It is very helpful.

    Do you think this can also be posted on DSP Tutorial page.


  5. roberta T1:31 am

    Lauren, this is a great tutorial. Thanks so much. That layout is so gorgeous!

  6. Wow...I just saw this technique and downloaded the PDF. How awesome your page turned out and Jeanets too!!! Will have to give this a try...