Monday, October 20, 2008

Gimme More Bonuses for this week

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This weeks featured kit is Whispered Nothings.
Here is the bonuses for this weeks Gimme More Challenge

This is the chat bonus - the only way you can get this for free is to come to and participate in the chat on Thursday 23rd at 9pm ( US EST)
I will send out links to everyone who participates in the chat .
If you cant make it to the  chat you can buy it in the store later if you wish

This is the posting bonus - to get this for free you need to purchase Whispered Nothings and do a layout and post it in the gimme more gallery

by Midnight on Saturday Oct 25th and I will send you a link to download this Victorian Whispers kit for free.


  1. These bonuses are simply gorgeous Lauren!!!!!

  2. I agree with Sandy! You mean Thursday the 23rd, don't you (for the chat day)? Not Friday?

  3. Yep Sure did mean Thursday - of course its Friday for me!!- guess I need to turn my brain on before I type!!