Friday, November 14, 2008

Feature Friday - Brushed on Quick Bits

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These fun scrapping tools have been a big hit!!- There are now four sets
The original brushed on set

Then next were the Messy Set

The third set to roll out was the Framed set

and the most recent set is the splat set

Ive already posted some layouts Ive made with these tools but I will post my 2 favourite layouts here again
This one below used a photo that I really was pleased with - of a deer in a field at Yosemite - It turned out to be a really nice photo and I think the brushed on frame quick bit I used here really drew the focus onto the deer.

I hadnt thought of it at the time but one of the comments on this layout at DSP said it looked like a frosty window that had been rubbed to reveal the view outside- and now I really like that idea - and I hope to do another layout that really emphasises that imagery

This layout below by Pinky7 is a good example of how these quickbits really work well for nature and landscape photos

This gorgeous layout by Bocca combines 2 separate quickbits into one mask to extend the length of the page  - stunning work!!

This layout by Muma really shows how easy it is to blend photos into backgrounds using the quick bits as masks

In this layout by Cherebus I see she has also combined 2 quickbits to show more of her photo

This gorgeous layout by Mars Olsen is another that combines 2 quickbits - isnt it magical

This super layout by FormbyGirl shows how the framed quick bits really help accentuate the subject of the layout.

Isnt this layout by Wardlw super?- Well I love the photo but I love how the photo blends into the backgroudn with the use of the messy halftone edged quickbit

Finally this GREAT example by Wylde

Not only using the quickbit as a mask for the photo but also as a mat - very creative and simply gorgeous

I hope these layouts inspire you to create some new and exciting layouts with the quickbit series .

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