Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why I dont want to move

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Even though this house is and has been too small for us for years and despite the fact that we are overflowing with junk and I dont have an office, and we dont have enough car parking space - with views like this every night - how could anyone leave. ( well that and the fact that we have great neighbours and the kids have had friends " on tap" throughout their lives - that and many other reasons - we will probably stay here for a few more years yet. And just as an aside- this sort of sunset isnt uncommon - in fact its very very common and my husband just said - not ANOTHER sunset photo.
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  1. Gorgeous Lauren! I wouldn't move either! Get rid of the junk and build an add-on or up!

  2. w0w0w0w its aboutt o get more crowded lauren with sunsets like this I am moving in with you all