Monday, March 23, 2009

Selectively Coloured - only just

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Selectively Coloured - only just, originally uploaded by LABavin.

I thought I would blog the occasional photo - especially ones which Ive processed in Photoshop.
To achieve this lightly selectively coloured photo I processed it in adobe camera raw and used the black and white adjustment area to create a black and white version .
I opened this as a smart object in photoshop - then I created a new smart object from this layer .
Right click on the new smart object layer and choose edit contents - this will take you back into camera raw and you can re process the photo.
I chose to remove the greyscale and process it in colour.
When you hit ok you will be taken back to photoshop where your top layer will now be colour.
I created a layer mask on this new layer - and then clicking on the mask - inverted the mask from white to black - this will hide completely the coloured layer.
Then I just painted back in white the very centres of the flowers and the buds - just adding a smidge of colour.

I hope this makes sense . If you need clearer instructions I will be happy to provide them

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