Saturday, June 20, 2009


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Todays pick of the pack is by Lynnette ( Lynnie) Siler - She has created a wonderful heritage cum steampunk style layout about her father with wonderful journalling and a super style. She deserves a medal for the crediting of all the elements in this kit

Here is what Lynnette says about this layout

My dad was such an amazing man. He was a man of the future, with visions and dreams. He was a brilliant man, a scientist who saw how things would be. He worked on computers on space craft before we knew what they were, he worked on the technology for colour televisions when they were a thing of the imagination. He worked on the Boeing 747 and the minutemen missiles, but he always had time for little children. Time to explain to us how an aeroplane flies, how decimal points work and how to multiply fractions - all before we started school. He was a dollmaker, a clockmaker and always had a chemistry lab and a darkroom. He was my dad and I love him and miss him.

Seriously Steampunk Page Kit by Lauren Bavin - 10703dsp
Deepest Devotion by Lauren Bavin (Heart Locket) - 5044dsp
Desert Ghecko Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Hinge) - 2386dsp
Directions Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Compass, Two Arrow element) - 6029dsp
Essence of Dusk by Lauren Bavin (Gold Edge Overlay) - 4943dsp
Essence of Love by Lauren Bavin (Keyring) - 4925dsp
Explore Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Explore your World) - 78dsp
Fly Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Map Strips, Aeroplane) - 200dsp
Golden Summer Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Hanging Sun)- 3379dsp
Grandfather's Study by Lauren Bavin - 5743dsp also on Scraps of Style Heritage (Days Gone By) CD (Clockface)- 5777dsp
Keys to the Past Page Kit 1by Lauren Bavin and Kim Liddiard (Clocks, Hardware, Keyhole, Key)- 794dsp
Parisian Adventure Page Kit by Lauren Bavin - 4335dsp also on the Around the World Downloadable CD (Eiffel Tower) 4401dsp
Time a Bottle Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (Clock Mat) - 100dsp
Unmeasurable Page kit by Lauren Bavin (Green Clock Element)- 501dsp
Wizardology Page Kit by Lauren Bavin (orb) 3761dsp
Yesterday' s Promise Page Kit by Lauren Bavin - (Butterfly) 5512dsp

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