Sunday, October 11, 2009

Must be Magic Value Collection

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Must be Magic Value Collection

by D- Lauren Bavin
Magic is all around and now you can capture those magic moments with this kit inspired by witches and wizards. This Value Collection is also available separately as the A Magic Spell, and Wizardology Page kits and Witching Hour Backpack and Must be Magic Alphabet Kit Includes:

    ~1Black Sparkle background
    ~1 Stormy Night sky background
    ~1 Sparkly Purple background
    ~1 Blue Stars background
    ~1 Sparkly Moon and star background
    ~1 parchment background
    ~1 starry sky background
    ~1 Blue Vevet and gold star background
    ~1 Pinky Purple Art style background
    ~1 Old Brown Leather background
    ~1 paisley brown background
    ~1 Wizards Cape Border
    ~1 Cobweb Overlay
    ~1 Silver stamped look frame
    ~1 Quill
    ~1 Closed Spell Book
    ~1 Open Spell book
    ~1 Set of Potion Bottles
    ~1 Witches Hat
    ~1 Wizards Hat
    ~1 Cauldron
    ~1 Wand
    ~1 Broomstick
    ~1 Moon
    ~1 Crescent Moon
    ~1 Wizards Hat gold embossed Stamp
    ~1 Gold wand stamp
    ~ Full Alphabet upper and lower case letters, numerals and selected Punctuation

File Size 200ppi:80.90MB File Size 300ppi:126.000MB