Monday, October 12, 2009

Picks of the pack today - Monday 12th

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I have a few gorgeous layouts to inspire you today

First is this gorgeous heritage layout by Honeymoon . I love the cluster she has made with the flowers on the right - its femininity is tempered with the addition of the leather strap . I love the dark sepia photo with this kit

Here are her notes on this layout
This is a photo of a photo of what is possibly Joseph Haydon and his family. Joseph immigrated to NZ and his family was based in Prebbleton. He also farmed in Argentina.
Kit: Crossroads Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Forgotten Roads Page Kit by Lauren Bavin [cream flower]
Title: Family History Deluxe Word Art Set by Lauren Bavin

Next layout which is suer to inspire you is this gorgeous layout of the Apollo fountain at Versailles by Lynnie

I love how she has used a semi out of frame effect in this layout - - I love this combination of graphic and 3d style - its hard to achieve well and Lynnie has done a wonderful job - love the masking and blending of the photo into the background paper

Here are Lynnies notes on this layout
Journalling reads: The Apollo Fountain depicts Apollo conqueror on his chariot pulled by four horses representing force and ardour, getting out of the water among sea monsters to enlighten the earth as he represents the rising sun. In Versailles, all the statues of Apollo , the sun god, represent Louis XIV, the sun king.

CrossRoads Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Maskee Quick Bits by Marcee J. Duggar