Monday, November 23, 2009

More Favourite Recipes Instant Album Plus

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More Favorite Recipes Instant Album Plus

by D- Lauren Bavin
This Instant Album Plus contains everything you need to create an entire box of your favourite recipes on custom made and decorated cards.
Simply choose a base card, add a category tab or 2, and an illustration and fill in your favorite recipe and even add a photo in one of the supplied groupie embellishments. Mix and match and you can have an endless selection of unique cards.
Cards are 5x7 but are easily resized.
Also see the original Favorite Recipes Instant album plus for more mix and match recipe fun.
Kit Includes:

    ~6 base cards - 4 landscape and 2 portrait orientation
    ~39 category tabs in 3 colors
    ~1 staple
    ~5 recipe words in metallic type
    ~1 cookies on tray illustration
    ~1 flour and sugar jar illustration
    ~1 chefs hat and wooden spoons illustration
    ~1 herb pot
    ~1 martini glass
     ~1 set of old scales

File Size: 200 ppi - 6.61MB 300ppi - 12.80MB