Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pick of the Pack - November 25

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Isnt this a gorgeous layout, I love how magical Gail made it look  - her tree ( no matter how she describes it ) - looks beautiful indeed

Gails notes from this layout
My tree this year. So far.


We found you at a

garage sale in a small

Wisconsin town on

our way home from

a race. You were in a

small box, and the lady

said you worked.

So, for $5.00, I figured

I couldn't go wrong,

even if you didn't glow.

Your branches are worn

and sparse from gracing

another's home, but

once I stood you

proudly in the corner,

shrouded you in tinsel

garland and bedecked

you with red velvet

bows, I turned on your

lights - and you glowed.

Oh, how you






tree ever.

A Christmas To Remember Value Collection by Lauren Bavin