Thursday, December 03, 2009

Magical Dreams Value Collection

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Magical Dreams Value Collection

by D- Lauren Bavin
Enter a world of sparkling ice, of silver and jewels. A land which is so magical that wishes and dreams can come true This Value Collection can also be purchased as 2 separate kits, Magical Wishes, and Magical Dreams.
Kit Includes:

    ~1 Blue Card background
    ~1 Cerise Spot background
    ~1 Magical Night background
    ~1 Purple Distress Background
    ~1 Cerise Swirl Linen background
    ~1 Lavendar Sparkle background
    ~1 Midnight Marble background
    ~1 Plum Dreams Background
    ~1 bright berry branch
    ~1 softly coloured clouds
    ~1 icicle border
    ~1 pink curled ribbon
    ~1 silver circle frame
    ~1 sparkly swoosh
    ~1 jewelled star trail
    ~1 white tree
    ~1 set of small bubbles
    ~1 cerise ribbon
    ~1 gold ring frame
    ~1 jewelled star tree
    ~1 large bubble
    ~1 magical swish
    ~1 light snowfall
    ~1 soft star trail

File Size: 200 ppi - 37.00MB 300ppi - 78.00MB