Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pick of the Pack - January 7th

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Todays pick of the pack is actually 3 layouts which are part of a series designed by Ailandbri from DSP.
These layouts are to display a series of mushroom photos and what a great set she is going to make with this design

This was the first layout that she did a while ago and today she uploaded a couple more. I think this is such a great idea and I think I might have to use this idea and make myself a book of layouts from some series of photos Ive taken over the years.

Here are her notes on this layout
One more for my mushroom series. These tiny little ones all lined up on the log are easy to miss unless you are tired from hiking uphill with my DH and need a rest! I have trained him to expect me to stop often to take photos when we hike. I see a lot more to photograph while hiking uphill than downhill for some reason! I used Lauren Bavin's A Rustic Touch and Crossroads.

And Aliandbris notes on this layout

This is the next page in my mushroom series. I think this is one of the prettiest mushrooms with the white ruffly tops all clustered together. I used Lauren Bavin's
A Rustic Touch and Crossroads.

This is such a great idea isnt it. Id love to see any other series of photos you have scrapped in this manner.