Saturday, May 01, 2010

Adobe Photoshop CS5 - A brief review

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With the economic situation as it is for many, upgrading software maybe one of the areas that is low on the priority list when it comes to making purchases, so why should you choose to spend your hard-earned income on upgrading to Adobe Photoshop CS5 in these economically difficult times?
The myriad of new features both small and large make this upgrade in particular stand out from ones in the recent past.
While just one of the new features such as the new Mixer Brush and Bristle Tips, or Puppet Warp, or the exciting Content Aware Fill and new Noise reduction features certainly make this upgrade worth purchasing on their own, it is the smaller less " wow effect" features such as scrubby zoom and Dragging direct to canvas which had me sold very quickly and very soon at the point where I cant imagine my daily work without them .
These smaller features and many of the " Just Do It" features that Adobe has instituted in this upgrade will leave you wondering how you managed before them.

I am truly excited about the new Mixer Brush and its accompanying Bristle Brush which is a huge enhancement and addition to the previous brush engine.
The desire to be creative with my photos is why I truly believe the Mixer brush is such a great addition to the Photoshop tool arsenal. The ability to easily create an artwork from a photograph will be relished by many who are looking for new and different ways and methods to stir their creative juices and present their photographs in an artistic way.

In my job as a Digital Scrapbooking Designer I am also equally excited with how the Puppet Warp tool can be used to adapt existing page elements and design features to fit a new brief.
For the photographer the Content Aware fill tool can at times be seen as nothing short of magic, and can save hours of painstaking cloning and patching and this along with the new refine edge features will certainly make this upgrade worthwhile for photographers.

The new Noise reduction tools in Camera Raw mean that photographs you previously would have deleted as unusable now are able to be used.

When purchasing an upgrade you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth; you want to make sure that you will have more features, that those features will allow a faster workflow and will allow you to achieve more in your daily work and of course you want a feeling of satisfaction that your money was well spent. I can tell you from first-hand experience, CS5 will not disappoint you!

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