Sunday, May 02, 2010

Layout - Hahei

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I had a few minutes so decided to do a layout using one of the photos from my recent trip to Coromandel

This is one of my favourite photos from my recent trip to Coromandel - the beach at Hahei is just heaven on earth- and it was pretty much empty when we went there - had it been just a few degrees warmer I would have been in that water!!
I used my Mercury Bay Value Collection ( Hahei is in Mercury Bay by the way )
and Tinas
Font Families - Ocean Word art

To create this layout i did the following
I layered the teal background over the aged card background and set the teal to Multiply blend mode and then applied a mask and a gradient to the mask to fade out the bottom of the teal.
The photo is in overlay blend mode - with a gradient mask applied to the top and the bottom to blend it into the background.
The toitoi and crab are in colour burn blend mode .


  1. Stunning Lauren! Hahei is one of my most favourite places.

  2. Yes Pam I think I will book a summer holiday there this year. We have friends that go every year

  3. Breathtaking! For some reason I just doubt that I will be able to follow the steps, but the attempt will be fun.