Thursday, July 29, 2010

Remember its all on sale today - and today only

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Yes ALL my products (bar a couple that are less than 7 days old) - and thats over 1100 products!!!!!!!- are on sale today

how many of those 1148 products do you own????????

Here are a few of my personal favourites you might have overlooked

Magie Noire Page kit

This kit is sooooooooo easy to use and so versatile - just about any occasion can be scrapped with this kit - and its elegant yet has a funky touch - its one of my current faves.

Tropical Forest

I use this one over and over again for my nature and landscape layouts - I love the foliage in it and its so easy to use.

Awakening Value Collection

If theres one kit I use more than any other lately its this one - I love the contrasting colours and I just find any layout I do with this collection comes togeter so fast - and thats what I like - no fuss scrapbooking.

Fairytale wishes

For the princess in your life this one is another of my faves - just pop your princess on the window sill in a bed of clouds - an easy fantasy setting in minutes

I'll be back later with some more of my favourites ........

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  1. Maureen Hlavacek10:34 am

    The files I've gone to most often are the three text paths plus Christmas text paths. It makes it so easy to do text shapes! Parts and pieces of Snow Globe and the Snow Globe Add On pack have shown up in my winter, halloween, fantasy, birthday and, of course, Christmas layouts. All three of the "A Splash of Color" kits have appeared in multiple wedding and fantasy layouts. I think I like them for the same reason you like the Awakening Value collection...elegant, funky and great contrast. The Swing Upon A Star Quick Click has been used in numerous ways. Oh and so many more. I own 868 of your wonerful products.