Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mediterranean Tones Value Collection

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When you are in the mood to create a really beautiful layout, then Aegean Skies, with its beautiful flowers, slightly weathered papers, delicate pearls and graceful ribbons is just what you need. From heritage to holiday - this little gem of a page kit is one you won't want to miss!!
The tones of the deep azure skies and cool white Stucco combined with tropical foliage bring a Mediterranean feel to this kit which is perfect for scrapping a whole variety of photos from travel to portrait. The high contrast colours will work well with both colour and black and white photos to really showcase your memories.
This collection comprises the Mediterranean Tones Page kit and the Aegean Skies page kit both of which can be purchased separately Kit Includes:

~ Deep Brown background
~ Pastel Tinged background
~ Stained Impasto Background
~ Watercolour Blues Background
~ Brown Corrugated background
~ Stucco background
~ Warm variegated tiles background
~ Azure blue washed Background
~ Deep Cerise Bourganvillia
~ Bronze Brad
~ Bronze Border
~ Bronze Corner
~ Dark wooden frame
~ Old Paper Strip
~ Set of curled ribbons
~ Green spiky foliage
~ Scattered Blue Beads
~ Blue Flower
~ Blue Trailing Ribbons
~ Blue Watercolour strokes
~ Bourganvillia vine
~ Vellum Mat
~ Set of white ornate corners
~ White weathered frame

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