Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pick of the Pack - August 26th - Alzheimers by Sam&Jesse

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What a powerful layout this is - Wonderful journalling and a wonderful way to record a favourite book, and the reasons it is that favourite -
A really stunning design by Sam&Jesse

Here are the notes on this layout which you can view and comment on here

Sheltered Meadow - Lauren Bavin ( available this week only for 99c from here )
Intricate Initials Silver - Lauren Bavin

As a nurse, I have worked for more than
20 years on a Geriatric Mental Health unit,
with people going through various psychiatric
dilemmas usually related to aging. There has
been a significant change in our clientele over
the years. The average age now would be about
84. This is almost 10 years older than 20 years
ago because seniors are living longer. As well
many of the newer medications;
antidepressants, antipsychotics & meds for
anxiety are more effective, have fewer
side effects and therefore can be safely
prescribed & monitored in the
community. The one constant has been
those with advanced Alzheimer’s; frequently
with accompanying behaviour problems.
These people are less likely to benefit from the
new drugs aimed at slowing memory loss.
Currently I am reading “ Still Alice” by
Lisa Genova, a very well written book
about a 50 year old woman experiencing
early onset AD.

Although it is a novel, this book has had a profound
effect on me because the central character is
younger than me and the author has done a
marvelous job of describing the insidious onset of
the disease. As experienced as we are in working
with people with AD, we work with older
individuals at the end of the process
This book has certainly been an eye opener,
with many “what if” conversations & voiced fears.

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