Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golden Horizons Value Collection

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by  Lauren Bavin

With tones from twilight to starbright this elegant kit will bring some magic to your photos .
Whether your golden memories are sunrise or sunset, or loved ones past or presesnt, let this kit make your photos glow.
This collection comprises the Golden Horizons and Twilight Delight Page kits both of which can be purchased separately
Kit Includes:

    ~ Midnight Blue background
    ~ Purple Majesty background
    ~ Starry Night Background
    ~ Twilight Gradient Background
    ~ Deepest Night background
    ~ Golden Sparkling Night background
    ~ Golden Sunset Background
    ~ Twilight Background
    ~ Black Tag
    ~ Foliage Spray
    ~ Pinky Gold Graphic Stamp
    ~ Gold Ribbon
    ~ Hibiscus Flower
    ~ Sunset Rays
    ~ Torn Paper Scrap
    ~ Window Frame
    ~ Chicken Wire Bracket Mat
    ~ Gold Swirl
    ~ Leaf
    ~ Round Metal Frame
    ~ Small Organza Roses
    ~ Star Circle
    ~ Topaz flourish
    ~ Voile Flower

File Size:
200 ppi - 40.40MB
300ppi - 77.80MB this kit from the DSP Store

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