Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunset Songs Word Art

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by Lauren Bavin

Eloquent and elegant word art for your sunrise and sunset photos
Set Includes:

    ~ At Sunset Nature is Painting for us Day after Day Pictures of Infinite Beauty
    ~ Come Forth into the Light and let Nature be your Teacher
    ~ Down Sank the Great Red Sun, in golden, glimmering vapors
    ~ God paints the days with rainbows, the nights with sunsets, the heart with peace
    ~In the fire of Sunset I found my peace, for it burned away the sorrow of the day, and in its ashes lay the seed of tomorrow
    ~ "Paint Me" said the sky,"So I can move the soul of mankind"
    ~ Sunsets on the Water reflect Twice the beauty
    ~ There is sweet Harmony in the song of the sunset

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