Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pick of the Pack May 31- Horse Throat by Mars

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I just love everything about this really cute layout by DSP Member Mars. – As always she is a master at using elements on her layouts – and what a cute story and photos. This one is on my scraplift list for sure

Here are Mars’ notes on this layout which can be viewed and commented on here

Gimme - Bombastic
Fantastic kit for kids and casual fun layouts!
I thought this was a cute story of how dgd took the word 'hoarse' literally as a 'horse'.
Journaling: Hannah at four, earnestly informed her mother that Aidan’s grandfather has a 'horse' in his throat. Aidan was a new boy in her daycare. Hannah did not know how his grandfather managed to swallow an entire horse. All she knew was that he had a horse in his throat, because Aidan told her so. This is for Hannah to see how once she also tried to swallow a horse.
Bombastic page kit by Lauren Bavin
Cutie Pie Alphabet by Lauren Bavin from Quite Bright Value Collection
Sprayed On Backgrounds by Lauren Bavin -Almost Orange

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