Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wings of a Dream Value Collection

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by  Lauren Bavin

Sometimes the most beautiful memories have the qualities of a lovely dream - magical, light and floating on a cloud. Scrap those magic moments with this light and airy page kit that brings your dreams to life.
This product is only available as a value collection.
Product Includes:

    ~ Almost Lined background
    ~ Creamy Texture background
    ~ Edged Blue Background
    ~ Rubbed Pale Background
    ~ Softly Gradient Background
    ~ Textured and Aged Background
    ~ Billowy Curtain
    ~ Cabbage Moths
    ~ Caterpillar
    ~ Cloud
    ~ Diamond Dew Drops
    ~ Falling Feathers
    ~ Flowering Blackberries
    ~ 2 Weathered Wood Frames with Sill
    ~ Olive Branch
    ~ Spiders Web
    ~ Sun Flare
    ~ Vine
    ~ White Feathers

File Size:
200 ppi - 20.20MB
300ppi - 38.00MB

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