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Special Feature The Art of the Scraplift– Gimme a Copy 4

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This edition of Gimme a copy featured a gorgeous layout by Renee_S with a really unique and funky design

We had some really wonderful scraplifts – including some creative uses of the design by rotating and flipping.

Open any of these layouts by clicking on them and be sure to comment on them if you like the layout – try and scraplift any of these layouts yourself – Im sure they will inspire you as they have inspired me.

NZ Fur Seal by Lauren

This is a scraplift of Renee_S's layout here
I used my Whispered Promise Page Kit
and Cut out Frames

Aunty Dawn 1999 by Sharon Lynn

DD with Lauren's Gimme a copy Rnd4
Scraplift of renee S Our Kitty
Impetuous Summer
Created by Lauren Bavin
Impetuous Summer Keyword*:*15124
Whispered Promise
Created by Lauren Bavin
Whispered Promise Keyword*:*15128
Wordee 3 Deluxe Word Art
Created by Marcee Duggar
Wordee Deluxe Word Art Set 3 Keyword*:*10886

Della Jo Adore by DixieMama

This is the little niece of my photographer friend, Twila. Twila doesn't 'do' computers, so she sends me photos to 'clean up' for her & lets me play with them
This is for Lauren's 'Gimme A Copy' challenge #4, using Renee_S's Our Kitty as inspiration. I flipped and rotated mine
Photography by Twila Firkins.
uses Floral Finery by Lauren from the Scraps of Fun - Flowers downloadable CD
Adore word art is a Tina Chambers Friday blog Freebie (11/07/08)

***Echo Storm*** by Carla (A DSP Layout of the Day)

Gimmie a Copy Scraplift Challenge #4. This is a scraplift of "Our Kitty" created by Renee S and can be found here:
Journaling reads: We said that we would have only one animal when we brought Spider home but when Echo showed up on the door step we could not turn her away. She took to both of the
kids like she knew that she was meant to be in their lives and she stole their hearts. Now we can
not imagine what it would be like to not have her in our lives. Spider has even found a soft spot in his heart for her.
Raspberry Lane SVC by Lauren Bavin

I created the shadow frames myself.

Pumpkin Patch 2010 by bludlfn003

Credits: Lauren Bavin's Whimsical Country and Late Summer Whimsy Page Kits
I love this picture of Aaron, he is my little bumpkin and these kits were perfect for it.
Scraplift courtesy of: renee s' Our Kitty

This-_N-That by

I love Lauren's Gimme A Copy Challenge, I have found that I have learned many scrapping skills by lifting LO's. Lauren's challenge gives me the incentive to keep on lifting and learning.
This time we are lifting Renee S wonderful LO Our Kitty
For this LO I used This N' That Page kit by Lauren Bavin. I have loved this kit but never used it before so I am happy to put it to use.
I also used stitching from Cut Out Frames by Lauren Bavin
We had a Kitten family under our front porch and I snapped some pictures to make a LO about it. Renee beautiful LO reminded me about so two years later I finally scrapped it.

Trees of Significance by evergreen100

I have used
Forgotten Trails by Lauren Bavin

Forgotten Glade by Lauren Bavin

Bracket from Slightly Bright (recoloured)by lauren Bavin

Copper Glitter alpha by Meryl Bartho (gift with store purchase week of 15th Aug 2011)
Journalling Reads:
Growing on the farm were quite a number of trees with large areas of their trunks removed. When the farm was sold and trees needed to be removed for the capital works programme to go ahead, the trees were inspected by aboriginal elders and identified as being of significance to the aboriginal culture, the cuttings believed to have been made hundreds of years ago by aboriginals for the making of canoes. The tree trunks were saved from destruction and now have a place of honour in the aboriginal artifacts section at the local Botanical Gardens where, if we are feeling nostalgic for the family farm, we can go visit them. In this photo, Maddy and Laura reacquaint themselves with one of Pop's trees!
I have scraplifted Renee_s's LO
Thanks for the inspiration Renee and for the challenge Lauren

2011-08-21 Mochy by LauraLou

This is a scraplift of renee s page as suggested in Gimme a Scraplift.
I used the Gimme challenge kit: Impetuous Summer by Lauren Bavin
After I had created the layout, I decided to turn it upside down. The only problem was redoing all the shadows. Took a while!

Never Too Old by Sharon1313

I haven't done that many scraplifts, and it was amazing how fast this page came together when I didn't have to think of a design to start with! Loosely scraplifted "Our Kitty" by Renee S.
I really love these little journaling frames by Lauren Bavin - there's a whole set called The Whole Story. I was eager to scrap with them and this was the perfect page to try them out.
I used all products by Lauren, including:
The Whole Story Photo Journaling Frames
Two Orange Dragonflies Page Kit
Through the Viewfinder Overlay Stack (overlay)
Seriously Steampunk Page Kit (screws)
Journaling reads:
Katie and Amanda had the opportunity to spend an hour or two at a playground they had never been to, while Diane and I talked. They checked out every single slide, swing and jungle gym and played in the underground fort. Good times! May 2011

Marnie - 18 mths by ebears

Marnie refusedto give her dummy awayso her father
threw the dummy into the chook
pen. For days Marnie stood looking into the chook pen at her dummy
Lauren Bavins "Burst Of summer"

Favorites at 6 by GrandmaCrys

Tristan's favorites at 6, which I thought I better do, since he'll be turning 8 in another month.
A scraplift of renee s's Our Kitty
Papers and elements from Lauren Bavin's Whispered Promise;
Lauren Bavin's Cutout Frames Elements Set;

Heart by Mars

Gimme a Copy 4 challenge
Featuring You - Midnight Silver
This is scraplift of: Our Kitty by renee s (I rotated it) for Lauren's Gimme a Copy 4 challenge which is to scraplift a given layout from a previous gimme more challenge. I also used the kit for 'Featuring You' challenge. All layouts entered using the challenge kit are featured on Lauren's blog.
Midnight Silver page kit by Lauren Bavin
Midnight Gold by Lauren Bavin
Edgers: Dickens word art by Tina Chambers

Sunshine & Laughter by Webfrau

Scraplift of Our Kitty by Renee S
for Lauren's Gimme A Copy 4 challenge
supplies used:
Speaking clearly acrylic journalling mats by Lauren Bavin
Tranquility page kit by Lauren Bavin
Simple Gradients – quickbit clipping masks by Lauren Bavin
Coastal Breeze by Lauren Bavin
Wings of a Dream Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Bits and pieces by Lauren Bavin
Carolina Blues by Lauren Bavin
wordart by Jeanet Almhoj (blog freebie)

White Rabbit by mandy T

Lifetime Friends - by Lauren Bavin
Friendship Flourish - by Robyn Gough
Both found on the DSP Scraps of Life: Friends CD
Copper Glitter Alpha - By Meryl Bartho
Scraplift of: Our Kitty by renee s in the DET gallery - for Lauren's Gimme a Copy challenge
Although we had decided that we would not get more pets, we relented and got a rabbit. Rebecca chose a little white baby bunny that she named Princess Snow White Bunny! We have ended up calling her Snowy Bunny. She is really an absolute sweetheart. She has the run of the house and the run of the garden. She uses the same door entrances as the cats, and you can hear her hopping through the house to come and greet us in the mornings before she goes out again. She loves apples but loves grapes even more - we joke that you could ge her to do anything for a couple of grapes. You can always tell when she has been digging though - as her fur gets muddy red coloured.

Wedding Scraplift by Sueya

Sweet Surrender by Lauren Bavin
Desktop Memories by Lauren Bavin
Stargazer by Lauren Bavin
Butterfly from Minuet in Pink by Lauren Bavin
Freebie Word art from Tina Chambers filled with gold gradient and bevel added using Paint Shop Pro

Inner Beauty Growth by Scrapping4Him

I don't normally upload without my LO being completely finished but I realized late this afternoon that I'd overlooked lifting this gorgeous LO of Renee's (Our Kitty) and now I have to run out for dinner and an evening with friends! I'll repost my final version after I have time to finish it up later tonight after I get home.
Back from my evening with friends and got my finishing touches done (added the wordart, tweaked a few things here and there)
kit: Amanda's Bouquet by Lauren Bavin
kit: Amanda's Dream by Lauren Bavin
cutout circle frames: Cut Out Frames by Lauren Bavin
gold mesh bracket mat: Grannies Thread by Lauren Bavin
wordart: Just You Wordart (formerly part of January 2010 Club Digital) by Erica Belton
font: CK Roxy

1943_Charles_and_Hugh by Barbie

This layout documents a story I recently heard about my dad and a young friend.
Secret Desire Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Journaling: On one of his visits to Baltimore after going into the Army, Charles and Hugh went to a baseball game together (probably Baltimore Orioles). Hugh took his glove and was most eager to catch a ball--in fact he prayed fervently to be able to catch a ball.. As it happened, a ball was hit straight toware Hugh’s glove, but unfortunately it bounced off his glove; his buddy Charles reached and snagged the ball. Immediately, one of the ushers approached to retrieve the ball (that was what was done at that time), but when he saw that the ball had actually been caught by a uniformed soldier, he allowed Charles to keep the ball. And Charles gave the ball to Hugh.
At Hugh’s funeral visitation in 2011, his daughter, upon being introduced to Charles’ wife, told the story as she had recently heard it from her dad. He has kept that ball as a reminder of how much our Heavenly Father cares about even our smallest needs and desires. God’s answer was even better than Hugh had imagined--if he had caught the ball, he would not have been able to keep it, but because Charles had caught it, he had a wonderful keepsake!

The Day We Met Angel by Chanmansmom

Desert Blooms by Lauren Bavin
Cut Out Frames by Lauren Bavin
I love this gorgeous kit of Laurens and the cut out frames are fantastic!
This is a lift from Renees New Kitty lo which I absolutely adore!

The day we met our new family member.Amy was very surprised when we took her to pick out her new puppy.She had no idea what was going on.She picked out Angel at 3 weeks old and 4 weeks later Angel came home.It was such a special day that our family won't ever forget.
Amy & Angel
February 12,2011

Say Cheese! by teetopper

This layout is for Lauren's Gimme A Copy Round 4, and is a scraplift of Renee's Our Kitty. For those that don't know, this challenge is based on scraplifting a layout chosen by Lauren. Upload to any gallery, and then link back to the challenge forum. For every 10 layouts posted, she will have a draw for a free page kit. Pretty awesome isn't it?!?
This is my great-nephew and his grandpa.
Bombastic Value Collection by Lauren Bavin
Somewhat Conspicuous Page Kit by Lauren Bavin
Sprayed On Backgrounds by Lauren Bavin
Cut Out Frames by Lauren Bavin

  Garth Brooks in Concertby Fade2pink
This layout is for Lauren Bavin's Gimme a Copy challenge, which is using Renee's darling layout: - I used Lauren's Hint of Heather page kit, her Simply Stylish and Secret Desire VC

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