Saturday, December 31, 2011

Continued… Best Sellers from 2011 Part 2 ..

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Continuing on from the last post – here are the top 6 best sellers from my designs for this year.


Number 6
Beside the Pond

Another one that’s not a surprise to me – this was a real favourite of mine to scrap with . I love making and using nature kits ( Having children who no longer want to be in front of the camera means most of my photos are of the world around me these days)

Added to the DSP Store on June 15th




Number 5
Rays of Sun Overlay Stack

It seems that the Overlay stack is back in style. They were very popular over the last few years for adding a bit of zing to your photos. They are really fun to use and you can create an endless variety of results by changing blend modes of the various layers.

Added to the DSP Store on June 7th 2011

Number 4
Winters First Touch

Pretty Christmassy kits are always popular - - You can never have enough Christmas kits !!
Added to the DSP Store on 19th November 2011

Number 3
Winter Solstice

Proving my last point!!- You can never have too many pretty wintery Christmassy kits – this one more winter than Christmas and actually created right at the end of 2010
Added to the DSP Store on December 28 2010

Number 2
Secret Desire

This one is no surprise to me either. It was one of my favourite collections to create this year and I used it again and again in layouts. Its so easy to use and results in very elegant layouts.
Added to the DSP Store on 27th July 2011

Number 1
Lightly Bright

I used this kit to create a handbag at Artscow which turned out to be one of my favourite bags and I get a lot of comments about it. Once again I love how easy it is to scrap with a kit that has a neutral colour background with a splash of colour.

Added to the DSP Store on 7th December 2010


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