Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Top 12 Best Sellers List for 2011- Part One.

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I thought you might be interested to see what my top selling products for this year have been – how many do you have ??-

The list includes some surprises which may influence my design direction for 2012!!

Look out for part two of this list coming soon!!


Number 12…

Tattered History

A bit of a surprise to see this one in the top 12 . A long time customer had been nagging me for months ( or years) to make a wire dress form and I eventually got around to it in this slightly heritage styled kit
(Added to the DSP Store on Jan 11 2011)
Number 11

Just Spring Value Collection

This is one of my favourite kits from this year- really pretty and easy to make kits with – in fact some of my favourite layouts from this year were made with this collection

(Added to the DSP Store on 5th April 2011)



Number 10

Modern Fresh

This is another one of my favourite kits from this year – I love using white or black backgrounds to really show off my photos and having the bright shots of colour adds a funky accent

Added to the store 25 August 2011

Number 9

Art Journey Value Collection

A new style for me, the kits in this collection were fun to make. I’m still not completely comfortable scrapping in this art journal style but I love using the pieces in the collection in regular style layouts too

Added to the DSP Store on 8th March 2011



Number 8

Zigaloo Value Collection

I used this collection as part of a challenge where I donated a dollar for every layout done during a specified time to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund. Black and Red being the colours of the Canterbury Region.

Added to the DSP Store on 2nd March 2011

Number 7

Forever and Always

This one is a bit of a surprise. It was a kit I never used in a particular challenge – goes to show that card making style kits are more popular than I thought

Added to the DSP Store on 4th February



Numbers 6 through to Number 1 in the next post …

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