Saturday, April 15, 2006

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Well I have finally made the decision that I cant do without a laptop for much longer - I went out today to have a look at what I could get for my money. I found what I thought was a great little laptop in the Sony Vaio brand - the base model of which seemed to have everything I would need to run PSE4 ( Id decided I couldnt afford a laptop to run PS on effectively. The Vaio comes preloaded with PSE4 which would save me a couple of hundred dollars in buying it as well. But then the bargain hunter in me decided to do some online research and for the same money $1699 Ive found I can get a Dell laptop - with a far faster processor - double the ram ( 1gig) , bigger hard drive - and well - I COULD run PS on that one!!- I have to buy it online sight unseen though - which isnt something I like- as Dell dont have a physical shop here in New Zealand. So I think I will cancel my order for the Vaio ( it was very nice though and had a LOVELY screen - I have no idea what the screen on the Dells are like- and buy the Dell online ( before Monday when the offer closes) . Im not sure I will like working on a laptop - I really only wanted one for those times when Im away from home and for the opportunities that it will afford - like being able to teach out of the house- the local scrapbook store has asked me in the past to put together a basic class on digital scrapbooking - I could even teach a night school class which is something Ive thought of for the last few months. Its exciting stuff - so much is happening at DSP right now too that I want to be ready for all eventualities that could occur in the industry and that means not being tied to my desk here . Posted by Picasa

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