Thursday, September 28, 2006

A layout for the sake of it

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Its not that often these days that I do a layout just for the sake of it - I do lots of layouts - usually to display a new kit or quick click but sadly not nearly as many just soley for the purpose of memory keeping any more - time constraints being what they are when you are working full time and raising a family.
Anyway this layout was made because I really wanted to record the feelings I've been having as my eldest boy turns 15 - In NZ this is the age that you can drive - so its a big milestone in a boys life.
Here is the journalling on the layout in case you cant read it
‘ve never been one of those mothers who wishes their childrenwould stay little for ever.While I wouldnt encourage you to grow up before your timeI have always looked ‘ forward to the developments that eachnew stage brings as you get older.However as you turn 15 and are becoming more and moreindependent I find myself scared of what the future holds.When you were little I used to worry about how my decisions would affect you. Was I making the right decision or notNow I find that part of parenting was so much more simple. Making decisions for you was the easy part.It is so much harderto let you make your own decisions - knowing that along the wayyou are inevitably going to make the wrong choices at times, and having to sit back and let youmake those wrong decisions because that is the best way for you to learn about life.I thank you Cameron so far for not making too many baddecisions so far - even though you have had some temptations pass your way and my wish for your future is that you continue making great decisions.


  1. WOW!!!!

    I accidentally tripped over your blog while wandering around in cyberspace.

    You have to be THE most incredibly talented designer I have seen in forever (and I know some REALLY good designers!!)

    I am truly blown away by your work...and delighted to see you are a NZer (I was born in NZ while my parents were passing through!)

    Anyway, it was a wonderful visual experience to gaze at your artwork.

    I'll be back.....:>)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment