Sunday, September 17, 2006

Still cant use Hello it seems

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Well I still cant use Hello to update my blog for some reason which is a bit of a pain because that makes it so much easier -so thats why Ive been a bit slow at updating .
Ive spent some time researching airfares this weekend, as it seems very possible I will not only be visiting LA in January but also Las Vegas in March on DSP business.
Im not very confident about the whole changing planes in LAX and I also thought that it might be really nice if Steve could come with me on that trip - We havent had a trip away together without the children for more years than I can count . I did find a deal with Air Tahiti Nui and its tentatively booked but Steve has to confirm with his work that he can get the time off. Mum has said she will stay with the kids for the 9 days we would be away which is great, but Steve isnt sure about spending that sort of money - it could be spent on all sorts of exciting things like a new shower box or new curtains - which of course it could - but as I pointed out to him if I were going on my own I wouldnt fancy doing that change planes thing in LA and would probably take the Air NewZealandflight to Sanfrancisco and change there - that opion is quite a bit more expensive and so the extra that it would cost for him to come with me would be less than it appears - well thats the excuse that Im making anyway - 2 trips on my own in 2 months doesnt sound as appealing as if he came with me to enjoy it .

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