Thursday, November 02, 2006

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Well I hoped I could get this to show up as a double page layout - never mind you get the drift of this 2 pager - Halloween isnt a big deal here - despite some stores trying to convince us it is !!
But its a big deal to Hannah - she counts down the days till Halloween from some time in September!! This is because of her absolute obsession with lollies ( or candy as I would say to my American Friends ) . Anyway she was NOT going to be "any of those scarey ugly things" she was going to wear her princess dress , but when she went to get into it I noticed that she had "decrorated"the front with felt pen - then obviously tried to wash it off - not successfully - so I had to race around and find something else suitable for her to wear.
We ended up with this cute out fit - made very much from bits and pieces - the hat is an adults one Id bought from the $2 store a few years ago - it needed a few staples to get it to fit her head . - The scarf is one of mine - that I had lost but we found in the dress up bin downstairs . - The dress of course was her best dress from 2 christmases ago - which sadly is too short for her now and Im disappointed that this will likely be the last time she will wear it.
The cape - well thats an old full length petticoat of mine that I pinned round her neck . So there it is - A 'not so' wicked witch - well maybe a 'quite' wicked witch at times!!- who less than 12 hours after these photos were taken woke up covered in chickenpox - so as usual her timing was perfect!!! Posted by Picasa


  1. What an adorable "not wicked" witch she makes... and aren't you clever to come up with such a great costume with just bits and pieces from here and there! My Matty is obsessed with candy too.. he claims Halloween is his favorite holiday because it's his birthday too, but I think it's the candy-thing! Beautiful layout.

  2. that is a beautiful layout Lauren! I love your designs and just today bought your Hippie Chick quickpage to do a page for my daughter.