Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speedscrap Layout - The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle

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Todays speedscrap inspiration was a grid style layout which is great for vacation photos where you have lots to scrap and dont want to make too many pages.

I decided to scrap some of my photos from my visit to Hearst Castle last month

I achieved this layout by copying the grid design from the inspiration - and then selecting the inside of each of the grid holes and after copying a photo using the " Paste Into" command - I could then move and resize each photo within the hole.

I used 2 backgrounds (- the Cocoa brown and the blue gradient  from my Delicate Dreams page kit  ) - blended together , and a third lighter background which I pasted into a selection made from the grid .
I then applied a fine black stroke around the grid layer ..
Journalling reads

The outdoor pool at Hearst Castle is known as the Neptune Pool. Construction spanned the years 1924-1936 and was enlarged 3 times from the initial design of a temple garden with ornamental pool.

 The final version of the pool as it stands at the Castle today is 104 feet long, 58 feet wide and 95 feet wide at alcove. It is 3.5 feet deep at the west end, 10 feet at drains and holds 345,000 gallons of water.Other unique aspects of the Neptune Pool include the oil burning heating system, the light-veined Vermont marble decorating the pools and colonnades, and four 17-century Italian bas-reliefs on the sides of the colonnades.
Journalling courtesy of the Hearst Castle website

Fonts used Adobe Caslon Pro
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